What are mass modifications and what do I need to do

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Mass modifications are emails sent by the government because part of your GSA schedule has updated its terms and conditions and you must go in and accept these modifications to the terms and conditions of your contract. These pesky little emails are often overlooked and there is no real penalty until you try and do something you need to do in order to update your schedule such as increase your pricing or add new products. Then the whole process of doing the mass modifications starts and cant take some time.

First let me say it’s easiest just to take the 5 minutes to do the mass modification to your schedule immediately when the email comes in, but if you can’t or forget:

1. Look through your emails for any from the GSA, a search will usually reveal these.

2. If you can’t find the email then you will need to get your IOA to resend the PIN email, you can find him or her here: vsc.gsa.gov/tools/aco_ioa.cfm  just cut and paste and enter your contract number.

3. Once you have located him you have to send them an email from an authorized negotiator asking them to resend the PIN’s from the mass modifications that are outstanding (if you have more then one they will appear only after the previous one is accepted).

4. Follow the directions in the email to complete the mass modifications!


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