Bio – Stephen Schemenauer

Stephen Schemenauer is the President and Owner of Schemtosh Consulting. An actively serving Army National Guardsman, Steve has many years of dealing with government procurement and for the past 3 years has been working with over 90 clients from all different industries in marketing and selling their products and services to the federal government. Steve earned his first Master’s degree in the medical field and is currently 2 classes away from finishing his Masters of Business Administration degree. Steve is responsible for all client strategy as well as the day to day operations of the business.


Why We Are Different

As a long time serving military service member, Steve instills the Army Values in all that he does and they are even more applicable in running a business.



When I take on a client I make it my personal goal to get them to succeed what they are trying to accomplish in government sales. I also refuse to take on any client that may compete with any current client.


My duty lies with my clientele’s needs and wants. It is my responsibility to hold true to what I tell potential clients I can accomplish for them.


Respect for both parties is a must in any business relationship. That is why it’s my mission to ensure that all my clientele gets the utmost respect in my dealings with them. This includes answering phone calls and email in a timely basis and doing the best I can for my clientele.

Selfless Service

It is my understanding that when you hire a consultant that person or business needs to be available to answer questions or deal with issues no matter when they arise. I pride myself on being always available for my clients.


It is my duty to hold myself to a higher ideal and perform in such a way that would bring honor upon myself and the country and clients I serve.


When dealing with the government it is important to maintain your integrity. This means always playing by the rules no matter what the other competitors in the marketplace are doing. This also means not taking on clients that I don’t think could possibly succeed in the government marketplace just for the reason of growing my business.

Personal Courage

I may not know the answers to all of the problems that lie out there in government contracting but I can promise that I will come up with innovative and outside the box thinking that will find a solution that does work in any situation.

  • In addition to the time-consuming modifications required to keep our schedule current, Steve has been able to report our quarterly sales, find upcoming opportunities and conferences for us to attend. Steve also helps with designing our capability statement and helps our strategy of selling to the government with an updated marketing plan designed to help give us direction. In his time as a government contractor consultant, Steve has become an expert on selling to the different government agencies and what they are looking for in civilian contractors.–Owner, Southern Healthcare Products Distributor