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GSA Schedule work can take a significant amount of a small businesses time in order to make the schedule as successful as it can be for your company. There are many companies out there that will offer to help you manage this work but not all of them are really worth the amount they will charge. On the other hand there are some companies out there that are worth their weight in gold and much more.

What can these companies possible help you with regarding your schedule. Here at Schemtosh Consulting we can provide the following services for your company:
A. Kick-off Call- We will hold a kick-off call with key members of your company to determine what you have been doing with your schedule and get a direction that we need to take by finding out more about you!
B. Government Websites – Our team will give you a complete list of government websites that may be applicable to you or your business with descriptions about the website.
C. Webinar/Conference List- At least biannually, Schemtosh Consulting representatives will provide with an upcoming list of conferences for your company to possibly attend and market your services or products. At least biannually Schemtosh Consulting Representatives will provide you with a list of useful upcoming webinars to learn more about government procurement.
D. CAV Visit- Schemtosh Consulting representatives will walk you through the Contractor Assistance Visit and help you prepare all necessary paperwork as well as letting you know what is expected of your company during this visit.
E. SAM Registration- Schemtosh Consulting will update your System for Award Management registration yearly as well an ensure that your SBA profile is complete and up-to-date.
F. GSA Schedule Registrations- Schemtosh Consulting will help you set up and keep up your IFF, subcontracting, GSA Advantage registrations and update these registrations as necessary.
G. Opportunity Databases- Schemtosh Consulting will set your company up in 5 opportunity searching databases and set-up the filters so that your company is getting opportunities that are pertinent to your line of work.
H. Competitor Analysis- Schemtosh Consulting will at least once a year compare your products against your competitors to see where we can gain an advantage over them or what we need to change about your offerings.
I. Marketing Plan- Schemtosh Consulting will compile a full government marketing plan and update this yearly as your business needs change. This plan will include at least an executive summary, product overview, marketing overview, competitor analysis, target agency list, suggested marketing paths, expected results and SWOT analysis.
J. Mass Modifications- Schemtosh will take care of these yearly terms and conditions mods that are issued by the GSA.
K. Modifications- Anytime your commercial practices change and you need to make a modification to your government contract, Schemtosh will assisting in gathering all necessary information and will submit and follow up on the modification for you. This includes but not limited to; Product Additions, Product Deletions, Administration Mods, Economic Price Increase, Product Description/Part Number Changes, Changes to your CSP and Novation/Name Changes.
L. GSA Advantage- Schemtosh will prepare and submit your electronic file and text file to the government with the pictures you selected and will maintain this information and update it anytime another modification is completed.
M. Quarterly Reporting/IFF- Schemtosh will help you prepare your quarterly sales to the government using your GSA schedule and will submit these numbers and tell you how much you owe for your Industrial Funding Fee Payment. Schemtosh will also process this IFF fee for you as well.
N. Subcontracting Reports (if Applicable)- Each year every large business needs to prepare and submit a subcontracting report to the GSA. Schemtosh Consulting will assist in gathering the numbers subcontracted and prepare the report and submit it to the GSA.
O. Opportunities- Schemtosh will track all current and upcoming opportunities and follow up on all submitted opportunities to determine why your company won/lost.
P. Proposal Writing- Schemtosh will gather all necessary documentation to respond to opportunities on your behalf and assist in pricing research to determine the best value to offer to the government. We will also ensure all proposals meet the governments requirements and detail out these requirements so the client understands what they are.
Q. Forecasting- Schemtosh Consulting will look for upcoming opportunities to sell client’s products or services through government forecasting reports. By identifying these opportunities early, it’s easier to present client’s products in the market research phase of the government sales cycle.
R. Email Marketing/Phone Marketing- Schemtosh Consulting will assist the clients marketing plan by emailing the contracting officers and following up with a phone call regarding clients products or services to help the contracting officers knowledge of client and how it may benefit the government.

All of these services are designed with the experience of managing hundreds of GSA contracts and what works best to help your company make the most of your GSA Schedule. In the next few blog articles we will breaking down these services individually to help you see the benefit of each of these services as they relate to your GSA Schedule.

Give Schemtosh Consulting, LLC a call or email and we will help you take a free look at your Schedule and tell you what direction you need to take to increase your Federal Sales! Steve (740)525-8664 or


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