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As we all know every Federal, State and Local agency has a website. This means that are a potential of thousands if not tens of thousands of websites that provide information in regards to procurement. Obviously not one person can take time to look at everyone of these websites but someone might want to single a few out to learn more about the potential agency they would like to work with. The most difficult part of this is knowing which agency websites will help and which are just a waste of time.

1. If your company is a small company and hasn’t sold products or services to the government before then we recommend you start by learning at your local level. Find your city’s or county’s website and look for a “Doing business with …” or “Procurement” or “Purchasing” category on the website. Take some time to read through what they say there and look for where they post their bids or solicitations. Once you find these you can start to determine the type of services that your locality purchases on a regular basis.

2. If you are a small company and have checked out the local purchasing sites and can’t seem to find anything that fits what product or service you provide then you might want to check out your state to see if they are purchasing what you are selling. This again can be accomplished by googling your state’s website and looking for the procurement or purchasing division. Every state has a section of their page devoted to how to do business with the state. Again, take some time to look over the information they are offering and maybe even give them a call to set a meeting with them to speak about your products or services.

3. If you have some experience selling locally or to the state you might want to look at federal procurement. Here you will find tons of information, so much so it will probably be overwhelming to most people. The best way to target federal procurement is by performing an agency analysis to know which agency is going to purchase the most of your product or service. If you sell medical products for instance, you are going to find that the Department of Veteran Affairs will most likely purchase the most of your products. When you go onto the Department of Veteran Affairs website, you will find under the Resources Tab a link to a page about doing business with the VA In this tab it will give you many tips and hints how to best position or market your products to the Department of Veteran Affairs. There is a wealth of information here!

If you would like to contact Schemtosh by email or phone, we would be happy to provide you with a list of government websites to help make your searching easier and more efficient. Thank you for your time and happy hunting!
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