What should I put in my government marketing plan?

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A government marketing plan is slightly different than a commercial marketing plan. Many companies don’t take the time to write a proper one and it could cost them a lot in sales. Commercially, you are using a marketing plan to look at the industry as a whole. In a government marketing plan it’s important to identify agencies and states that may be more likely to purchase your services or products.

Knowing which agencies are most likely to purchase your products or services helps you when you decide to market to them. There are many government agencies and as a small business it may be nearly impossible to reach out to them all. The “shot-gunning” approach simply does not work well in government sales. In addition to knowing which agencies, it’s also important to know which competitors sell to the government and whether they are a large business or have some small business set aside.

A final point of a government marketing plan would be a SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats). Knowing how to establish these and use them to your advantage will allow your company a head start on other competitors looking to sell to the government. In the case of government marketing, you would use your strengths to sell your company to the government and focus on improving your weaknesses. Branching out and identifying potential agencies will increase your opportunities while being aware of potential threats can allow you to get ahead of them to minimize their impact on your sales.

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